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Collecting Trips and Fluorescent Localities

Colombia Mine - KY

Langesundsfjord, Norway

Greenland (2008)

Langban Sweden

Long Lake Zinc Mine, Canada

Dry Creek Prospects, TN

Minerva #1, IL

Puttapa Zinc Mine, AUS


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Puttapa Zinc Mine, AU

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Ililmaussaq Complex, South Greenland

From 2001 to 2011 I arranged Fluorescent Mineral Tours for groups of 5 to 7 people, and explored the Ilimaussaq Complex in Southern Greenland yearly.  These pages describe many of the new minerals I found, as well as minerals from other areas around the world.  A brief overview of the results of these trips can be found here.

The mineralogy of the Ilimaussaq Complex, South Greenland has been studied for two centuries.  Over 200 minerals have been identified from this unique complex, the most famous is tugtupite - over 15 are only found here.  Ilimaussaq is the type locality for dozens of alkaline minerals including tugtupite, ussingite, polylithionite, chkalovite, and more!  In the past several years this area has become a world-class locale for fluorescent minerals and deeply tenebrescent sodalite hackmanite.  We specialize in fluorescent minerals from this remote locale.


UV Waves Newsletter Index

One of the most useful services provided by the FMS (Fluorescent Mineral Society) is the "UV Waves" newsletter.   Published quite regularly since 1970, it is filled with useful articles. I've often wanted to browse back issues, but until recently they weren't available. They are now posted in an archive on the FMS web site. It was kind of hard for me to find things in this giant jumble of files, so - being bored - I decided to index the article list.  Try it out!


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Upgrade a surplus transilluminator to a 150 to 240 watt powerful UVC display lamp for around $300.
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