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Fluorescent Minerals From the Ilimaussaq Complex, Greenland


The Minerals of Greenland and the Localities are a major focus of this web site.  Over 200 minerals have been identified from  the Ilimaussaq Complex, South Greenland - and over 15 are only found here.  Ilimaussaq is the type locality for dozens of alkaline minerals including tugtupite, ussingite, polylithionite, sorensenite, and more.  Rare minerals such as chkalovite, leucophanite, catapleite, villiaumite and dozens more add to the allure of this remote "geologist's mecca".  

In the past several years this area has become a world-class locale for fluorescent minerals and deeply tenebrescent sodalite hackmanite.  

I specialize in fluorescent minerals
from this remote locale




Recent Additions

Want to know what's new since your last visit?  New topics and additions are listed on the Recent Updates page.

Nature's Rainbows - a Hobbyists' web site for the fluorescent mineral hobby

Nature's Rainbows

Nature's Rainbows is a non-commercial web site maintained entirely by volunteer hobbyists and contributors.  Our mission is to provide information about UV and luminescence, premium fluorescent mineral photos, and a fluorescent mineral database for the enjoyment of FL mineral collectors around the world.

Nature's Rainbows is an off-shoot from the FMS Facebook Fluorescent Mineral Group and is supported by many of the members from that group.  Many of my own photographs are on the site, as well as numerous others posted by some excellent photographers.

Minerals are searchable by type, location, or country/state.  There is also a blog filled with timely articles and archived posts from the most interesting discussions in the FB group.  A section on UV basics, fluorescence, photography, and lights provides basic information on the hobby.  And the links page lists some of the most important fluorescence orientated web sites.


What's hot?

High Power 365nm LW LED Display Lamp - Using state-of-the-art power LEDs you can build a very powerful longwave lamp with very pure UV output from a concentrated UV emitter.  Super power...

High Power 365nm Flashlight/Torch - There are a lot of toys out there claiming to be great for fluorescent minerals.  This one really is - best flashlight I've seen.

26 Watt Shortwave Display Lamp - build a cheap (compared to retail) but powerful lamp for your display.  Our easiest DIY project.  Cost to build will range from $235 to $280, or less if you can score a cheap Trannie w/broken glass somewhere.

Portable UV Field Lamp - A very detailed "do-it-yourself" guide to building your own battery-operated field lamp (AC or DC operation).  You can build a 9-watt or an 18-watt UVC (shortwave) light every bit as powerful as most lamps on the market today, and a heck of a lot more rugged (I use them in Greenland).  There are two sections: one describes the basics of building the lamp (9 or 18 watt) using a 9w lamp as an example, the other has pics of an 18-watt build.




UV Technologies

and UV Science


UV technologies includes topics covering the science behind fluorescent minerals, tenebrescence, phosphorescence, UV wavelengths, UV filters, and fluorescence activators.  Also included are technical discussions of display cabinets, lights (buying and building), lighting techniques, as well as other tips and tricks to make the fluorescent mineral hobby more enjoyable. 


Fluorescent Mineral

Photo Galleries


Five major photo galleries are divided by continent and sub-locale.  Greenland is heavily represented; I have spent a huge amount of time collecting there, and the variety of fluorescent minerals found is amazing.  A single gallery - with four subsections - is dedicated to the Ilimaussaq Complex.

Browse the photos simply for their beauty, or use them to help ID a mystery piece.  And please, if you spot any errors, or have a suggestion about an ID on some mystery mineral, contact me.

A new web site - Nature's Rainbows - offers a huge database of Fluorescent Minerals and photos.  Great if you're researching rocks from various localities, or trying to confirm an ID.  They also have a great blog for current hobby information - Glow Notes Fluorescent Mineral Blog.


Localities - Trip Reports and Geology


One aspect of the fluorescent mineral hobby I enjoy is field collecting.  I take every opportunity to visit a new collecting locale.  Over the years I've visited some very unique places, and have learned quite a bit about the local geology.  Locality reports posted here are from my own travels, or written by friends most likely on the same trip. 

From 2001 to 2011 I arranged Fluorescent Mineral Tours for groups.   Several pages describe many of the new minerals, the geology, and new localities I found on my trips to Greenland and the Ilimaussaq Complex.



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