minershop - Fluorescent Minerals from Greenland and the World

http://www.sterlinghillminingmuseum.org/ - Sterling Hill Mining Museum, Ogdensberg, NJ

http://www.franklinmineralmuseum.com/ - Frankllin Mineral Museum, Franklin, NJ

http://uvminerals.org/fms/about-fluorescent-mineral-society - The FMS | Fluorescent Mineral Society

https://www.facebook.com/groups/fluorescentminerals/ - Facebook Group - FMS Fluorescent Minerals, discussion, photos, tips and tricks - thousands of members worldwide

https://www.naturesrainbows.com/ - Nature's Rainbows, a gallery of some of the best pics posted to the FMS Fluorescent Mineral Group on Facebook


http://www.creekbendfarm.org/ - Creek Bend Farm: a farm located just down the road from me

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