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The Minerals of Greenland

Greenland is one of the world's last mineral frontiers.  Mineral exploration companies are rushing to explore newly uncovered deposits as Greenland's ice cap recedes, and as new discoveries are made similar to the deposits being found in Canada's Northwest Territories.

We have accumulated a rather large database of pictures and information on the fluorescent minerals of Greenland, as well as other areas.  Since 2001 we have made yearly visits to the Ilimaussaq Complex, South Greenland and have made many significant discoveries.  Most of these minerals are new to the hobby.

These pages document our finds over the years - in pictures and words - and provide mineral IDs, locality information, and descriptions where possible.  Extensive photo databases are provided in each section.

Extensive detail will be provided in our area of specialization - fluorescent minerals.

Greenland Locales - A general discussion of the Ilimaussaq Complex, South Greenland, and the amazing assortment of fluorescent minerals from that area.

Fluorescent Minerals - More than 25 different wildly fluorescent minerals have been discovered in the Ilimaussaq Complex.  Famous types such as tugtupite and sodalite take many forms and offer significant varieties.

Gemstones - Several rare and unique varities of gemstones come from Greenland and are only found here.  These include tugtupite, nuummite, and greenlandite.

Select Rarities - the Ilimaussaq Complex is home to over 250 different minerals, the type locality for many and more than a dozen are unique to Ilimaussaq.  Other areas in Greenland produce rare minerals such as cryolite, sapphrine.

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