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UV Technology

With a little Science

White light rock collecting is rather simple.  Perhaps the most complex technology used is a hammer.  But fluorescent collecting gets a bit more complicated.  You need portable UV lights, batteries, home maybe some display lights, and an understanding of what UV is, and how it works.

oemlight.jpgUV Lighting

What's important when it comes to selecting a portable field lamp?  How do the major manufacturer's lamps compare?  Who else makes lamps?

These questions answered - and more ...

battery-pack.jpgBattery Packs

You'll be spending hours exploring mine dumps at night, climbing over talus piles, scouring cliff faces, and examining mineral deposits in the most awkward places.

You need a battery that will last for several hours, be easy to carry around, and not go dead if left sitting on the shelf all winter.  There are lots of options and I'll give you my recommendations for the best battery for use in the field under the most rugged conditions (Greenland).

DIY Projects

DIYtoon.jpg"Do it yourself" is a great way to expand your collection's lights, batteries and other equipment.  Lights and batteries for our hobby can be quite expensive, but with some know-how and handiwork (and some skillful Ebay bidding) you can build a thousand dollar display lamp for under $200.

Or you can modify a handheld worklight, turning it into one of the most rugged and most powerful portable UV lights around - for much less than what an inferior commercial unit would cost.

These pages will guide you through the process....

uvspectrumblur.jpgThe UV Spectrum and Fluorescence

There are many sites out there which explain the science behind fluorescence, the properties of ultraviolet radiation, and other technical aspects of our hobby.  Here I attempt to provide just the basics, and give the reader a starting point to ask more questions. 

Technical topics that relate directly to minerals I specialize in are included in sub pages.  For example, "What is Tenebrescence?" discusses the unique property of sodalite (hackmanite) to change color under UV light.  As additional subjects pop up I'll include them here.

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