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Build your own Portable 18-Watt UV Lamp

DIY Instructions

For detailed instructions read the section about building a 9-watt lamp.
The methods are the same for both.  This section is mainly pictures of the 18-watt build.

Tools Required: Screwdriver, nut driver/wrench, Dremel (or a hand saw to
cut plastic), wire cutters, black plastic paint.

Construction time: 2 hours (not including painting time)


18-watt, ruggedized shortwave mineral lamp
Shown with a 2.5AH NiMH battery pack, DC to AC inverter


Shows a painted filter assy with Hoya glass mounted, and two 9w UVC bulbs
(I used a 2 1/4" x 4" Hoya filter on this lens assy)



End view showing the alignment of the bulbs, and the white reflector installed (aluminum if you wish)

(Note the ribs holding the reflector.  Remove (grind down) 1/2" on the other end so that the lens assy will clear the wider bases of the UVC lamps)  I also recommend drilling several small 1/8" vent holes around the base so air can flow thru the unit.



End cap cut - drill several large holes in this cap to allow airflow, and remove the hanging hook to open up the hole on the top to allow air to escape.  You can paint the red parts black to cut down visible light reflections.  This lamp gets hot.



Red dots indicate areas where I recommend air vents be drilled - 1/8" in bottom, 1/4" in top - in addition to removing the hanging hook and leaving that hole open for airflow.
Note the "U" channels I installed on either side of the filter - makes for a cleaner look IMHO.



Finished lamp

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